Tender Spirit Drops
Tender Spirit Drops

Tender Spirit Drops

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Lean into the plant friends when you need them. This formula is here for you for all the tender feelings to uplift your spirit and hold your heart. 

As grief comes to the surface, ask for a little more holding. Nature allows us to see its seeds go back into the earth and store energy in the roots, and wait for Spring's blossoms. Having herbal medicines to hold us during times of grief is one of the sweetest ways to offer ourselves, love.

The mullein flower is harvested near our home, the hawthorn is from a friend's land, milky oats from the Yuba River on Nisenan land, the wild rose honey was made at a special spot on Orcas Island, and the motherwort is from Reno Food Systems in Reno.

2 oz

Ingredients: Organic cane alcohol, local mountain spring water, organic glycerin, fresh Milky Oats(Avena sativa), Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower( Crataegus spp.), Motherwort(Leonurus cardiaca), Mullein flower(Verbascum thapsus) and Wild Rose Petal Honey.

Suggested Use: 5-15 drops as needed for a softer spirit. Dose when working with grief or heart space, or 15-60 drops to drop in a little deeper in support of soothing anxiety. Best taken in small doses on the tongue or in a little water or tea.