Summer Solstice Bundle

Summer Solstice Bundle

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Revel in the gifts from the earth with this seasonal summer solstice bundle from my heart to yours. These medicines were all made or selected with summer in mind highlighting some of the most abundant and joyful plants of this time of year. Enjoy these gifts throughout this time, and may you find each one supportive and nourishing to you in many ways. This bundle includes -Wild Rose Oxymel 8oz, Calm & Collected Tea, Wild Rose Hydrosol 2 oz, Solstice Oil 4oz,  and a Seasonal Smoke Bundle 


-All ingredients are organically grown or sustainably and ethically wildcrafted.

Handcrafted with love in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Calm & Collected Tea 

Let yourself feel relaxed and at peace in your body with this calming tea. Supports a calm and collected nature. 

Ingredients: Tulsi basil(Tulsi kapoor), lemon balm(Melissa officinalis),anise seed(Pimpinella anisum), rose petals(Rosa sp.), lavender(Lavendula sp.) and marshmallow root(Althea officinalis). 

Suggested use: Pour 16 oz boiling water over 1-3 TBSP of herb. Let sit for 10-20 minutes or infuse overnight with the lid in place. Strain, Sip and Enjoy. 

Solstice Plant Oil 

Let the sun in with this incredibly healing body oil. Great for nerve pain, sore muscles, body pain, and wound healing.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with locally harvested fresh solstice plant (Hypericum perforatum). 

Suggested use: Apply oil liberally as needed to the face and body to support healing and healthy skin. Great for healing damaged nerve tissues, sore muscles, body pain, and wound healing such as scrapes and sunburns.  *Caution with application and sun exposure can cause hypersensitivity. 



Wild Rose Hydrosol 

Locally harvested wild roses made with love help to bring love to your heart and protection to your spirit. 

Ingredients: Distillation of wild rose (Rosa woodsii) made with local mountain spring water. 

Suggested use: enjoy as a face and body mist or a room spray. Wild rose is especially good for supporting boundaries and protecting the heart and spirit. It also works wonders on sunburns and soothing inflamed and irritated skin. 


Wild Rose Elderflower Oxymel 

Let the spirit of wild rose and the joy of Elderflower uplift your mood. Local hawthorn flowers are added to this trio of heart supportive and calming delights to enhance the rose allyship in this medicine.  This Oxymel brings glee to the heart and sunshine to the soul. 


Ingredients: Local raw honey, apple cider vinegar, fresh wild roses (Rosa woodsii) and wild elderflowers (Sambucus cerulea), fresh garden roses( Rosa spp.), and locally harvested hawthorn leaf and flower(Crataegus spp.) 

Suggested use: Enjoy 1-3 tablespoons daily as desired in your favorite tea or water. Try adding a few tablespoons to some bubbly water with a wedge of fresh lemon juice for a refreshing beverage to add some herbal fun to your drinks.



*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure disease