Spring Equinox Bundle 2023
Spring Equinox Bundle 2023
Spring Equinox Bundle 2023
Spring Equinox Bundle 2023
Spring Equinox Bundle 2023
Spring Equinox Bundle 2023

Spring Equinox Bundle 2023

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Spring Equinox Bundle 2023

Can you feel the upward movement of the Spring season?

Spring is my personal favorite season that helps tend to the parts of us that want to emerge from the dark places and bask in the sun.

The equinox brings new life after a long + cold Winter and green growth emerging from the deep earth. The word equinox means ‘equal night,’ and there are two equinoxes each year, one in March and the other in September. On this day, the Earth is positioned in such a way that the sun’s rays shine directly on the equator, providing both the northern and southern hemispheres with relatively equal amounts of light and darkness (around 12 hours of day and night).  Naturally spring herbs were enjoyed as the true form of a” cleanse” to help wake up the organs and system after lots of rest and less movement. 

Eating mineral rich foods + herbs  and tending to the Digestive organs + the liver are wonderful ways to tend to your system in Spring. Many of the formulas I have chosen in this bundle are specifically formulated with that in mind. May the beginning of Spring feel fresh for you and your body. May you get the chance to smell the spring blossoms, plant some seeds or eat some wild greens. 

During the Winter months here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains I spend time dreaming up these medicines that will hold us all and support our bodies with the Spring transition.

I hope that your heart and soul find these herbal medicines supportive through the spring months, and that they hold deep healing + love for you. These are gifts that mother nature so willingly shares with the human kind and I am brought to my softest and most heartfelt places of my spirit in sharing them with you. 

May you revel in the gifts from the earth with this seasonal Spring equinox bundle and feel loved. My passion lies in creating seasonal products that feature the plants truly in their essence of thriving as species to be honored and understood as beings of healing. These medicines were all made or selected with the season of Spring in mind highlighting some of the most abundant and joyful plants of this time of year.

Enjoy these gifts throughout this time and may you find each one supportive and nourishing to you in many ways. All of the medicines in this bundle are lovingly wild crafted or sourced from local & organic farms.

This bundle includes:

  • balsam and honey whipped tallow butter
  • spicy seaweed salt
  • mountain top bitters
  • digest best tea
  • bee pollen & wild nettle elixir

Balsam Poplar & Honey Whipped Tallow Butter 

Skin magic in a bottle truly - I have long been dreaming up this whipped tallow butter to nourish your skin from the outside in.
Tallow is known to be particularly healing for rashes and other inflammatory skin conditions as well as cuts and scrapes. It is deeply hydrating as a very close bio identical fat that works amazingly to heal and nourish our skin.
Grass fed beef tallow contains the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K which are known to be supportive to skin health and tissue healing.
The poplar buds in this formula are slowly infused into both grass fed tallow and CA extra virgin olive oil from Chico, CA. Then slowly whipped with a little raw honey from the honeybees in the valley we call home and a touch of local beeswax. This healing tallow butter is good all over for healthy, happy supple skin or try using it on areas that need a little extra healing like scrapes, rashes, cuts-also a lovely massage balm for sore muscles. 
Adorn yourself with this nutrient rich healing skin butter to support skin hydration and healing.
Ingredients: Cold pressed extra virgin CA organic olive oil infused with wild gathered balsam poplar buds (Populus fremontii), grass fed beef tallow, raw local honey and local beeswax from bees raised in harmony with the valley we call home. 
Suggested use: Apply liberally as needed to the face and body, to promote healing and tissue regeneration. Balsam poplar is known to bring protection and healing to sore muscles, warm tissues of the body and promote tissue healing. 

Spicy Seaweed Salt 

Let the flavors of the land and sea compliment your dishes with a nutrient packed mineral punch.
Delicious sprinkled atop ramen, avocado toast, steak, eggs, veggies and sushi! There's nothing quite like having the perfect herby finishing spice for your favorite dishes or when wanting to impress your friends! 
This blend contains wild Sonoma coast seaweed and wild nettles,  from here in the Sierras, all blended with organic herbs and sesame seeds for the perfect seaweed spice crunch! Sumac adds a lovely citrus- y salty flavor to the mix with a blast of flavonoids to the nutrient power.
3.5 oz 
Ingredients: stinging nettle seeds & leaf(Urtica dioica), sumac powder, wild Sonoma coast harvested nori & sea palm, kelp flakes, chili flakes, cayenne powder, brown and white sesame seeds, touch of Redmond's real salt.
Suggested use: Enjoy this salt in replacement of regular salt! Nettles are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like chlorophyll & B vitamins while seaweed is a powerhouse of nutrients like selenium and iodine. Try adding this salt as a finishing salt to your favorite dishes. Experience the magic!

Bee Pollen & Wild Nettle Elixir 

Feel deeply nourished as you let this magical bee & wild nettle elixir bring you deep healing and nourishment.
The bees are really magical y'all and I was really grateful to get to work with the honeybees on the Big Island of Hawai’i this January with intentions of bringing some sweet honeybees to the lands we call home this Spring!
Inspired and in awe I was told to make a bee pollen elixir from the bees themselves.
This magical elixir is raw honey from the valley we call home infused with local bee pollen from our friends at The Radish Hotel in NV, wild spring nettles and a kiss of rose. 
This formula is rich in essential vitamins and minerals from the bee pollen and nettles and is a great one to ingest daily to support re-mineralization, inflammation and the body's response to allergens. Try adding some to your favorite tea, drizzled atop yogurt or pancakes or as is. 
4 oz 
Ingredients: organic cane alcohol, wild harvested spring nettles (Urtica dioica),  Sonoma county grown roses, local bee pollen infused in local raw honey from the valley we call home.
Suggested use: ½-1 tsp 1-3 times daily as desired  in water or tea. This elixir is designed to support deep Immune & cellular healing with nutrient rich bee pollen which is known to be one of the richest food sources in bioavailable copper and B vitamins , and the well known inflammatory supportive and mineral rich nettles.  Try adding some elixir to your tea, straight up or in your morning latte. Drop in and feel the heal.

Mountain Top Bitters 

Support digestive fire with this bitter + harmonizing formula to support the GI system.
Digestive bitters are one of my favorite things to use in Spring to help wake up the digestive system and get things moving after a long Winter. When your digestion needs a little support, bitters can facilitate stomach acid and act as a digestive aid.
This can not only ease indigestion, but also heartburn, nausea, cramping, bloating, and gas.  We carefully have crafted this bitters to support digestion and assimilation of nutrients with yarrow from the home meadow here, dandelion root and bioregional citrus peel from our friends at Sunset Ridge Fruits in Newcastles, CA.
 2 oz
Ingredients: Wild or small farm grown Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Yellow Dock Root (Rumex crispus), Artichoke leaf (Cynara cardunculus), Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), Bio-regional citrus peel.
Suggested use: enjoy a few drops on the tongue directly before meals to support digestion. Take as is on the tongue or enjoy 10-30 drops in a little bubbly water or water to support digestion, gas, bloating and GI harmony.

Digest Best Tea 

One of our most popular teas here to support the body in Spring in service of the liver and gallbladder organs.
The healing herbs in this tea are designed to support digestion on deep levels of tissue healing, liver support all while harmonizing the digestive process to help support belly discomforts.
Nurture your GI system with this intentionally blended tea to support digestion and gut healing. These harmonizing herbs help support + heal the GI system and comfort GI upsets like gas, bloating, and discomfort. We are proud to say that the chamomile, calendula and marshmallow root are grown by Ebb n Flow Herb farm in Washington with love and care. 
3 oz
Ingredients: Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis), Chamomile (Matricaria reutica), Licorice (Glychrizza glabra), and calendula (Calendula officinalis). 
Suggested use: Pour 16 oz boiling water over, 1-3 TBSP of herb. Let sit for 10-20 minutes or infuse overnight with the lid on. Strain, Sip and enjoy and feel the heal.

-All ingredients are organically sourced or sustainability and lovingly wildcrafted
Handcrafted with love in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA