Nourishing Nutritive Tea
Nourishing Nutritive Tea

Nourishing Nutritive Tea

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Nourish your body with this mineral and bioflavonoid-rich tea. Supportive for healthy skin, nails, and hair growth or an extra dose of herbal minerals. Also very supportive for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. 

4 oz

Ingredients: Stinging Nettles(Urtica dioica), oatstraw(Avena sativa), plantain leaf(Plantago sp.), rosehips(Rosa canina), marshmallow root(Althea officinalis), hawthorne berries(Crataegus sp.), and citrus peel(Citrus sinensis). 

-All ingredients are organically grown or sustainably and ethically wildcrafted.

Suggested use: Pour 16 oz boiling water over, 1-3 TBSP of herb. Let sit for 10-20 minutes or infuse overnight with the lid on. Strain, Sip, and enjoy. 

Handcrafted with love in the Sierra Nevada Mountains CA 96161

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure disease