Lovely Lilac Shrub

Lovely Lilac Shrub

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Engage in this uplifting and calming shrub to soothe your spirit. Made with local lilacs and lavender, and bioregional blueberries you do not want to miss this delight to your senses.


Suggested use: Enjoy 1-3 tablespoons, up 3 times daily in your favorite tea or water. Try adding a few tablespoons to some bubbly water with a wedge of fresh lemon juice or warm water for a delicious drink from the spring delights to you. This shrub is a must-have for those spring summer nights or when you need a little dose of calm and soothing. 


Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar infused with bioregional lavender, local lilac flowers, bioregional blueberries & Meyer lemons, and raw local honey. 

-All ingredients are organically sourced or sustainably and ethically wildcrafted.

Handcrafted with love in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA 96161

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure disease