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Winter Time is here, which means cold + flu season is also here! I have put together this healing bundle of Sierra Roots Wellness formulas to help you and your loved ones prevent and heal when illness arises! 

Our GET WELL Bundle includes: 

  • Respiratory Revival Tea - Helps to prevent Respiratory illness and ease active illness and aid in recovery with its blend of Respiratory soothing, nutritive, tonifying, and aromatic herbs. 
  • High Sierra Elderberry Syrup - Aids to help prevent colds and the flu with its bioflavonoid and immune-boosting herbs and has been clinically proven to help shorten the duration of colds and the flu when you get sick. 
  • Cough Soothe Honey - Soothes and supports the mucosa of the body. Soothes sore throats, cough and is packed with herbs to help break up and move congestion out of the chest! 

Respiratory Revival Tea 3 oz

Revive your respiratory system with this delicious tea made to revive and nourish the lungs. 

Ingredients: Red clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense), peppermint (Mentha piperita), juniper berries (Juniperis occidentalis or communis), orange peel (Citrus sinensis), marshmallow root (Althea officinalinis), mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus), rosehips (Rosa canina) and licorice root (Glychrizza glabra). 

Suggested use: Pour 16 oz boiling water over, 1-3 TBSP of herb. Let sit for 10-20 minutes or infuse overnight with the lid on. Strain, Sip, and enjoy. 

High Sierra Elderberry Syrup 8 oz

A legendary remedy to support the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems. This flavonoid-packed elderberry syrup enhanced with local Sierra Nevada medicine is your best friend during cold and flu season.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, local raw honey, apple cider vinegar, brandy, wild blue and black elderberries (Sambucus cerulea and Sambucus nigra), hawthorn berries (Crataegus monogyna), rosehips (Rosa canina), wild ponderosa pine or gray pine needles (Pinus ponderosa or Pinus sabiniana), wild juniper berries (Juniperus occidentalis), citrus peel (Citrus spp.), cinnamon (Cassia burmannii), and ginger root (Zingaber officinale). 

Suggested use:

Adults take 1-3 tablespoons, children ages 5-10 take 1-2 teaspoons, and children ages 2-5 take ½-1 teaspoons 2-3 times daily. Increase dose during active cold/flu to every 2-3 hours. Also, enjoy this immune-packed syrup with sweet treats or added to your favorite cup of herbal tea. 

*Children under 2 years old should not be given honey.

*Refrigerate or store in a cool dark place to support extended shelf life.

Cough Soothe Herbal Honey 4 oz

There is nothing like the magic nectar from the bee’s plus healing medicinal herbs on a sore throat or to soothe a cough.  This honey is formulated to soothe and support sore throats, coughs, and respiratory health. Made with local wild Sierra Nevada herbs, local raw honey, and farm-fresh herbal medicines to support you and your loved ones. 

Ingredients: Local raw honey infused with locally grown bee balm flowers (Monarda spp.) from Reno Food Systems, wild grindelia buds (grindelia squarrosa), wild poplar buds (Populus fremontii) and marshmallow root (Althea officinalis), bio-regional satsuma peel, and fennel (foeniculum vulgare).

This lovely honey can be enjoyed straight-up by the spoonful to help soothe a sore throat, cough, or support respiratory health. Or try adding a spoonful or two to hot water with some fresh citrus juice for a delicious beverage a few times daily or as needed.

This bundle has the perfect herbal friends to have on hand or when you are sick or to help you stay well all winter long!