Fall Equinox Bundle - 2022
Fall Equinox Bundle - 2022
Fall Equinox Bundle - 2022
Fall Equinox Bundle - 2022

Fall Equinox Bundle - 2022

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With each Fall, I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into the ritual ways of Autumn honoring the metal element in Chinese medicine lineage- we honor the organs of the Lungs & Large Intestine. The two organs are the primary organs of elimination. Both organ systems play vital roles in clearing and cleansing our bodies while also protecting us from the outer worlds. The lung, in particular, is our first line of defense lined with Immune cells, while energetically, the lungs help us process grief. The large Intestine has the role of transporting waste material to the colon while also letting go of what no longer serves us physically and emotionally.

Moving back to more stews, herbal broths, and well-cooked foods is of great service to your body. Additionally, focusing on nutrient-dense fats like ghee, grass-fed tallow, and coconut oils to support this dry time of year. Warming pungent spices like garlic, thyme, cayenne, and ginger are great added to foods or herbal remedies to increase warming of the system as the seasons change as well as moistening herbs like marshmallow and violet to help bring juiciness to the tissues of the body. Find herbal medicines that feel like home to you in Autumn. A few of my favorites are lamb & goji berry stew, roasted burdock root with a sesame glaze, persimmon everything, digestive bitters, chai lattes with raw milk, and jujube dates.

My desire is that you find these herbal medicines supportive through the Autumn months and that they hold deep healing & love for you and your loved ones. These are gifts that mother nature so willingly shares with the humankind, and I am brought to my softest and most heartfelt places of my spirit in sharing them with you. May you revel in the gifts from the earth with this seasonal Fall bundle and feel loved by the herbal delights of this season. My passion lies in creating seasonal products that feature the plants truly in their essence of thriving as species to honor and them as beings of healing. These medicines were all made or selected with the season of Fall in mind highlighting some of the most abundant and joyful plants of this time of year. Enjoy these gifts throughout this time, and may you find each one supportive and nourishing to you in many ways. All of the medicines in this bundle are lovingly wild-tended or sourced from local & organic farms. This bundle includes medicines for the physical and energetic body.

This year's bundle includes: Elecampane Root Honey, Herbal Respiratory Steam, Earthen Herbal Coffee, Tender Spirit Drops Tincture, Solstice Wort Body Butter & Stinging Nettle and Meyer Lemon Salt.

A special thanks to Ebb and Flow Herb Farm, Reno Food Systems, Steadfast Herbs, Fisk Farms in Fallon, NV, Gray apiaries in Nevada City, Oshala Farms, Pages & Petals Farm in Fernley, NV, Organic Roots Olive Oil, the lands and the places that anchor us home on Washo lands.

Elecampane Root Honey 4 oz
Nourish the Lungs with this delicious aromatic honey in support of Respiratory healing. Elecampane, a member of the Asteraceae or sunflower family, is traditionally harvested in many gardens in the late Summer or early Fall making it a perfect medicine to align with the Autumn season. Elecampane is used as an aromatic warming and stimulating remedy that gets things moving. Whether it’s stuck mucus in the lungs or sluggish digestion, or a cough-elecampane is a wonderful herb to have in the medicine cabinet for Fall and Winter time. The honey comes from the honeybees in the valley we call home on Washo land and the Elecampane root is from Fisk Farms in Fallon, NV.

Ingredients: Raw local honey from the valley we call home infused with locally grown elecampane root( Inula helenium).

Suggested Use: Can be enjoyed straight up by the spoonful to help soothe a sore throat or cough. Or try adding a spoonful or two to hot water or tea 2-3 times daily or as needed.

Herbal Respiratory Steam 2 oz
Autumn is a time when we need to nourish the tissues of the body more than others because of the dryness associated with this season. Respiratory steams are one incredible way to bring moisture and opening to the lungs and sinuses. I am excited to be offering local bee balm in this blend from Fisk Farms and Petals and Pages Farm. The Western Red Cedar is hand harvested from a friend in Washington, and the Yarrow is from Ebb and Flow Herb farm. Support your Respiratory system with this aromatic herbal steam to allow for more easeful breathing and enriched lung health. Nourishing to the lungs and the sinuses when you feel congested from allergies, illness, or wildfire smoke.

Ingredients: Local Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosa or citriodora), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Juniper berries (Juniperus occidentalis or communis), Tulsi basil (Tulsi kapoor), Yarrow leaf and flower (Achillea millefolium), and Western Red Cedar leaf (Thuja plicata).

Suggested Use: Bring 8-10 cups of water to boil, add 1 cup of steam herbs to the pot, and put the lid on. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes. Remove the lid and place your face over the pot at a comfortable distance, checking the temperature, so you don’t burn yourself. Breathe in the steam deeply for about 5-10 minutes, taking breaks as needed. You may also leave the herbs on simmer all day with the lid off or in the crockpot on warm to allow your space to fill with herbal aromas to support the Respiratory system.

Earthen Herbal Coffee 2 oz
A lot of my community members have me make herbal coffee blends to support a nourishing morning routine without coffee. The Fall season is a great time to bring in such rituals to prepare the body for a restful, grounded Winter season. Codonopsis, also known as Dang Shen in Chinese medicine, is known to help replenish vital energy (Qi), while chicory and dandelion root are wonderful medicines for both liver and digestion with a kiss of orange peel to bring harmony and delight! Ground down and root into a cup of this delicious herbal coffee. Full of deeply nourishing herbs in support of the liver, digestive, and restoring energy.

Ingredients: Roasted Chicory root(Cichorium intybus), Dandelion root(Taraxacum officinale), Codonopsis root and Orange peel(Citrus peel)

Suggested Use: Pour 8 oz boiling water over, 1-2 TBSP of herb. Let sit for 10-20 minutes or infuse overnight with the lid on. For a more rooted tea try simmering 2 TBSP in 16 water for 15 minutes. Add your favorite milk and sweetener to make it a latte! Strain, Sip and enjoy and feel the heal.

Tender Spirit Drops 2 oz
Lean into the plant friends when you need them. This formula is here for you for all the tender feelings to uplift your spirit and hold your heart. Autumn is a time grief comes to the surface, asking for a little more holding. Nature allows us to see its seeds go back into the earth and store its energy in the roots-and wait for Spring's blossoms. Having herbal medicines to hold us during these times is one of the sweetest ways to offer ourselves love. The mullein flower is harvested near our home, the hawthorn is from a friend's land, milky oats from the Yuba River on Nisenan land, the wild rose honey was made at a special spot on Orcas Island, and the motherwort is from Reno Food Systems in Reno.

Ingredients: Organic cane alcohol, local mountain spring water, organic glycerin, fresh Milky Oats(Avena sativa), Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower( Crataegus spp.), Motherwort(Leonurus cardiaca), Mullein flower(Verbascum thapsus) and Wild Rose Petal Honey.

Suggested Use: 5-15 drops as needed for a softer spirit. Dose when working with grief or heart space, or 15-60 drops to drop in a little deeper in support of soothing anxiety. Best taken in small doses on the tongue or in a little water or tea.

Solstice Wort Body Butter 4 oz
One of the best medicines of Summer is St. John's wort, or as I like to call it, Solstice Wort. Topically this medicine helps us bring the sun inside, supporting nerve tissue and inflammation. The olive oil comes from Organic Roots Olive Oil in Northern California, and the Solstice Wort was harvested from a friend's land, and some also came from Steadfast herbs in Pescadero, CA. Let the sun in with this incredibly healing body butter made with locally harvested solstice wort. Great to support nerve pain, sore muscles, body pain, and wound healing while letting the sun deep into your cells.

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed CA Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with locally harvested Solstice Wort(Hypericum perforatum) then whipped with shea butter with a kiss of sweet orange and frankincense.

Suggested Use: Apply butter liberally as needed to the face and body to support the healing of your radiant skin. Great for healing damaged nerve tissues, sore muscles, body pain, and wound healing such as scrapes and sunburns. Not to mention oh so hydrating to dry skin! *Caution with application and sun exposure-can cause hypersensitivity.

Stinging Nettle & Meyer Lemon Salt 3.5 oz

Our nettle salt is a fan favorite all around, and it now has nettle seed in the blend for an extra nourishing crunch. Nettle seed is ready for harvest in late Summer or early Fall here and is renowned for supporting the kidneys. The seeds contain all the goodies of nettle, vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, and silicon. Add this to your meals for a nutrient-packed punch to enhance nutrient availability with this nettle and Meyer Lemon salt. Some of my favorites for this salt are eggs, popcorn, or veggies, or try it as a finishing salt for a pop of color! Made with wild harvested or farm-grown nettles and bio-regional Meyer lemon peel to make it extra special.

Ingredients: Stinging Nettle powder + seeds(Urtica dioica), Bio-Regional Meyer lemon peel, and Redmond's Real Sea Salt.

Suggested Use: Enjoy this salt in replacement of regular salt! Nettles are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and Meyer lemon peel is not only delicious but packed with bioflavonoids and vitamin C. This salt is so yummy on all your favorite dishes and added to soups and stews. Experience the magic!

May you all feel nourished and supported with the herbs this Fall season. In service of the plant kin, may you all feel the magic inside and out!