Chamomile Rose Whipped Tallow Butter 6 oz

Chamomile Rose Whipped Tallow Butter 6 oz

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Chamomile Rose Whipped Tallow Butter -6 oz

Nourish your skin with this nutrient rich tallow butter to support skin hydration and healing made with calming chamomile and soothing rose. 

Ingredients: cold pressed extra virgin CA organic olive oil and grass fed beef tallow infused with chamomile (Matricaria recutita) & pink rose buds (Rosa damascena), raw local honey and local beeswax from bees raised in harmony with the valley we call home. 

Refrigerate after opening for a longer shelf life. 

Suggested use: 

A little goes a long way! Apply a small amount as needed to the face and body, to promote skin healing and tissue regeneration. Tallow soothing and healing to dry skin and is rich in Vitamins A, E, K & D. This herbal tallow is great for even the most sensitive of skin from mama’s belly, to baby’s skin,  rashes, or for deep skin hydration & healing. Make this an evening ritual after bath for a skin soothing and relaxing tallow butter to nourish your skin. Drop in and feel the heal. 

-All ingredients are organically sourced or sustainability and lovingly wildcrafted