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Mary is not accepting new clients at this time. Existing clients please book using Calendly or reach out for a link to reschedule. Thank you!

I work clinically to provide preventative health care and education using plants and natural therapies that utilize my holistic foundation to support each person's individual needs. My practice focuses on helping you address physical and emotional imbalances while keeping the intention of helping you to access your most vital self. 

I currently offer comprehensive wellness consultations that focus on bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into balance. We will work in a collaborative effort, as I help guide you to address emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances, leading to the restoration of your own innate body intelligence.

I work collaboratively with a network of professional Naturopathic physicians, Medical doctors, Massage Therapists, Clinical Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and additional practitioners to assure that all your needs are being attended to with care.

My specializations include :

  • Menstrual Wellness 
  • Whole Foods Nutrition
  • Autoimmune disease
  • GI Health
  • Inflammatory Dis-ease
  • Natural Pain Management

See below to select which consultation best supports your current needs.

Comprehensive Wellness Sessions

  • $175+ Formula Cost
  • BIPOC + low income-$100

An initial consultation takes about 2-3 hours. During this time, we go through your health history and a full assessment of body systems. This allows me to have a deeper understanding of how I can support you. After the session, I will create a custom wellness plan with recommendations for your specific health needs. This includes an outtake email with detailed herbal, nutritional + lifestyle recommendations and about 3-5 hours of research per client to consult and prepare plan. Appropriate for acute or chronic conditions or multiple ailment needs.

Follow-Up Sessions

  • $75 per 1 Hour + Formula Cost
  • BIPOC + low income-$55

Follow-up consults are available for existing clients only. The follow-up session usually lasts about an hour and is a great way for me to evaluate the progress of a treatment plan. We will discuss herbs and holistic strategies to continue to support your healing journey.

Acute Conditions Consults

  • $85 1 hour + Formula Cost
  • BIPOC +low income-$65

A low-cost option to help you feel supported with acute conditions. Appropriate for short-term ailments or when you are needing quick support. Recommendations are given by email following the session with herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations. 

*BIPOC + low-income consultations are available for those who are in need. We believe in not limiting your access to healing and want to work with you. Please leave me a message on the contact page to schedule. 

Freelance + Educational Consultations

For meetings, educational classes, and other meet-ups outside of the client consultation setting. *Prices vary by the hour depending on the meeting or event